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Global poetry reading to raise money for UNICEF!

The whole intention of my 'Poems from a Lighthouse' series was to join people together, to offer support and encouragement to the community and the world, and to offer opportunities for participation...well this is one of those exciting opportunities!!!

Many of you have heard my poem 'Never did I think' already but it is now going to be published into a short film about the impact of the pandemic and I would love your help with this! I am seeking people to help me read the poem out- (no age limit!!) this could be a voice clip or a short video of yourself. It will be a line each and the more participants the better! I would love people from all over the world to join in as the hope is this will help to show the world uniting together.

Furthermore, there is the opportunity to have your own words put into the poem! We have to come through this pandemic, and we will do that together, but we need to hold onto hope!

If you send me a line about your own experience of the pandemic, lockdown, or the new normal then I will do my very best to get it into the poem and that will be the line you read out personally! My real hope and prayer is that lots of people join in, that we can send this viral and that it will be a message of hope to the world!

If you are interested then please add a comment to this post and I will contact you directly.

Unicef is the world’s leading organisation for children. They work with families, local communities, partners and government across the globe in more than 190 countries to help every child realise their full potential. Coronavirus is the biggest global crisis for children since World War Two and so Unicef is launching its largest-ever appeal to help tackle the impact of coronavirus on children and families around the world. Any funds raised will help them work to prevent the spread of the virus by mobilising medical supplies, consulting communities and implementing prevention campaigns.

Being a social worker, working with vulnerable children and families for so many years now, this charity is close to my heart.

There will be a link to donate to them at the end of the poem once it is finished.

So, who's with me??? Click on the below image to hear the original poem.

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