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The F____, the D______ and a R_____ n____ W___!

Well, this is it - my very first book! I'm extremely pleased to announce that in April 2018 my first book will be published by #rowanvale (@RowanvaleBooks on Twitter). The very talented Rebeckah Griffiths (@h_kceber on Twitter) has done an amazing job in turning my children into the stars of the book - see above!

You may be thinking "Aimee, why have you chosen the strange title for this blog post?" Well - I LOVE a competition! The title of this post is the name of my first book, missing a few key letters. The person who can correctly guess the name of the book will be the very first recipient of a signed copy.

I'll give some clues and provide more letters as the days progress, and will update you on what each of the stories are about.

For now though - ready, steady, GUESS!!! Leave your guesses in the comments section below.

Good Luck! xx

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